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Student Residence

The participants, who have booked a room with us, will reside in one of the student residences in Munich. The student housing facilities are all located close to bus or subway stations all around the city. The trip by public transport takes approximately 30 minutes to the class room.

About the rooms

  • Each student will have their own private room, which is fully furnished.
  • The rooms are equipped with bedding (sheets and blankets) which can be washed at one of the laundry rooms in the building.
  • Kitchen utensils and towels will not be provided. We ask you to acquire these items according to your own personal needs.
  • During their stay, each student is responsible to clean their room by themselves.
  • Internet access is available via Ethernet (LAN) cable. The cable is not provided. Please bring your own.

Important Note

The rooms are state-subsidized living spaces that are used by the Studentenwerk München (owner and administrator of the rooms) for all students alike. Due to the high demand for living space in Munich, we are pleased that the rooms from the contingent of universities are made available for MISU.

Please note that the rooms are tailored to students' needs and financial means. Therefore, please do not expect luxurious facilities.

Each student will be accommodated in their own room. Some of these rooms are single apartments, with their own kitchen and bathroom. Other rooms are in shared apartments with shared kitchen and shared bathrooms. The students are responsible for the cleanliness of the shared spaces by themselves. There will be no cleaning by the owner (Studentenwerk München).

Accommodation is subject to availability. A selection of preferences is usually not possible. Students with health impairments are asked to inform us in the application process. 

Unfortunately it is not possible to inform you about the allocation of your room before you arrive in Munich. We kindly ask for your understanding.

Please note that there is a limited number of rooms. Only an early online booking with receipt of payment confirmed by us in writing will secure a room for you.